Yucatán Health Secretariat implements Dengue prevention measures

To ensure the well-being of all residents in the state, the Yucatán Health Department (SSY) is actively carrying out crucial preventive actions against dengue. These efforts encompass neighborhoods and housing developments in the city of Mérida, as well as municipalities throughout the state. This information was conveyed by Carlos Isaac Hernández Fuentes, the Director of Health Prevention and Protection.

As part of these initiatives, it was announced that on Monday, the 21st, teams will address the Los Héroes housing development. On Tuesday, the 22nd, activities will focus on the municipality of Akil. On the same day, coverage will be provided to Villa Magna del Sur, the Mercedes Barrera neighborhood, and Vergel I, II, and III.

Hernández Fuentes provided detailed information about Wednesday, the 23rd, when activities will take place in Vergel 4, Vergel 65, San José Vergel 65, and Melchor Ocampo I and II. Similar efforts will be conducted in the municipalities of Chumayel and Panabá.

Thursday, the 24th, will see actions extend to Emiliano Zapata Sur I and II, San Antonio Xluch, and Roble Agrícola. Friday, the 25th, will encompass the Bojórquez, Francisco I. Madero, Mulsay, Nueva Mulsay, and Juan Pablo II areas.

Furthermore, on Friday, the 25th, attention will shift to Nahbalam in the Temozón jurisdiction. The municipality of Valladolid will receive three days of coverage: Monday, the 21st; Tuesday, the 22nd; and finally, Thursday, the 24th. Dr. Hernández Fuentes reminded the population to take note of the fumigation schedule, starting at 03:00 hours in the morning and at 18:40 hours in the evening. The operations continue until the specified routes achieve full coverage.

He encouraged residents to keep their windows open when they hear vehicles equipped with fumigation equipment passing through their streets. This allows the insecticide to penetrate the interior of their homes. “Throughout the current administration, we have consistently conducted fumigation, fogging, and larval control operations for the benefit of the residents,” he stated.

The department has visited 373,384 households for larval control tasks, fumigated 23,685 homes using backpack sprayers, and fogged 118,573 hectares with vehicle-mounted fumigation equipment. The result of the clean-up campaigns is the collection of 1,614 tons of potential mosquito breeding sites (containers). Furthermore, 81 buildings have been certified as clean and free of breeding sites.

It’s important to emphasize that these preventive measures are crucial in preventing mosquito proliferation and, consequently, controlling and preventing dengue. By eliminating potential breeding sites in domestic spaces, we actively contribute to protecting the health of families and the entire community.

Finally, he stated that the Yucatán Health Department will continue to tirelessly work towards eradicating dengue from our community. However, the joint effort of all residents is equally necessary. This involves adopting preventive measures in our homes and contributing to the control of potential mosquito breeding sites.

He noted that through the implementation of these preventive actions, the aim is to create a safe and healthy environment for all. Let’s remain united in this fight against dengue, taking care of our health and acting responsibly.

TYT Newsroom

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