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Yucatan could have its own textbooks, expert says

by Yucatan Times
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Víctor Caballero Durán, former Secretary of Education of the previous state administration, affirmed that the issue of controversial free textbooks being debated today is one more element of the 4T government’s plan to impose its ideological vision.

“In reality, everything that this government has done in educational matters has been different, it has been different because its project, focus and vision are different,” he mentions.

“Throughout the 4T government, various elements have materialized in the process of assigning positions for teachers, in the process of supporting teachers, in the process of disappearance of full-time schools. The issue of free textbooks is one more element, it is not isolated, it contemplates the vision of the current federal government”.

Caballero Durán, who was Secretary of Education in the administration of PRI member Rolando Zapata Bello, affirms that it should not surprise the population that the texts of basic education books contain elements that are under debate, because they simply contain the vision of the current federal government. .

“It seems to me that it is something that is not understood, will not be understood, and even less will it be resolved by itself,” he says. “You can’t just see if they’re well done or not.”

It was explained to him that Segey and the State government announced the installation of review tables for controversial books by experts, teachers, parents and associations, and to create complementary books on mathematics or Spanish.

“Yes, it is possible that materials are generated at the state level,” he emphasizes. “More than complementary, I would say, didactic materials according to the characteristics of each entity, in this case of Yucatan.”

“Here we have a series of elements that make up the state education system: we have teachers that depend on the state government, we have schools that depend on the state, and naturally, the state’s own materials can be made.”

In fact, there have always been their own materials, he points out. “I don’t know if at this moment the current state government is using or if they are part of the school curriculum, but there have always been books with the characteristics of each region.”

“Yucatán is divided by region and, based on the characteristics of each region, they establish different teaching strategies,” he recalled. “This strategy includes different materials, so it is possible that Yucatán has its own books.”

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