Youth Day 2023: “Ecological Skills Toward a Sustainable World”

This Saturday, August 12th, marks International Youth Day under the theme “Ecological Skills: Toward a Sustainable World.” It is a campaign focused on showcasing the resilience, ingenuity, and leadership of young people in creating a better world for all.

“Whatever the challenges of the moment, young people are demanding bold action now, standing in solidarity with the most vulnerable, and devising solutions to secure social, economic, and climate justice, as well as peace and prosperity for all,” stated the Secretary-General on the occasion.

António Guterres pointed out that the campaign highlights the importance of ensuring that young people acquire practical knowledge about the burgeoning green economy and apply it. “Whether it’s innovative sustainable technologies, renewable energies, or revolutionary changes in transportation and industrial activity, young people must have the necessary skills and knowledge to chart a cleaner, greener, and more resilient future in the face of climate change.”

“The future of humanity depends on the energy, ideas, and boundless contributions of youth. Let us support and accompany young people today and every day in building a just and sustainable world for people and the planet,” he concluded.

TYT Newsroom