Valladolid hotel owners outline plan to attract more visitors


The Association of Hotels and Hostels of Valladolid has already prepared an agenda of activities during the year, with the objective of beginning international promotion and attracting a greater number of overnight tourists so that hotels can benefit, especially all in seasons that are not school holidays.

Noé Rodríguez Cervera, head of association, recalled that for some time they have been working with the objective of creating an annual agenda of activities, both cultural and traditional, not only in the capital but also in communities and some nearby municipalities, so that they can come visitors and then return to this head to sleep.

The business leader announced that the agenda will be digital; dates and months of activities such as trade unions, the Expo Fair, traditional fairs of nearby communities, cultural and religious activities such as the traditional October nights in honor of the “Santísimo Sacramento” will be held next October and which will include Day of the Dead and Hanal Pixán and Carnival.

They will also promote the dates of the equinox in the archaeological zone of Chichén Itzá in September and March. Also, the agenda will include the traditional festivals of Uayma, Temozón and other towns that can join the plan. There will be dates a ride for classic Volskwagen Beetles aficionados and, even, businessmen will contact the organizers of the Maya Peninsular Rally to find out if they will come in May 2024, to consider them on the digital agenda. There will be activities almost all year round, with the aim of attracting tourism in the low season, such as when the summer holidays end, they anticipated.

TYT Newsroom