The local authorities of Valladolid have begun to prepare and have restored most of the tourist attractions. Photo: (Yucatan News)

Valladolid’s tourist service providers will be the main beneficiaries of the increase in tourist flow, mainly hotels and restaurants, in the last two weeks remaining from the summer holidays, according to them.

Carlos Guillermo Aguirre Aguilar, president of the Association of Restaurants and Gastronomic Services of Valladolid (Reserva), stated that since last week they began to observe the increase in tourism, to the extent that some of their partners calculate an increase of 70% in their sales , and this weekend it could increase a little more.

He said that he has already spoken with his partners so that they now take advantage of the bonanza and save some resources to face the months of September and October, considered to be low season.

He commented that due to the promotional actions that have been carried out, suddenly more tourists than expected began to arrive, even in the next few days various national media will arrive in Valladolid to make live broadcasts of various programs, in which they will continue promoting the tourist sites of the city.

On August 14 and 25 there will be live broadcasts from Valladolid, even a newscast from a national media will do its program in this city. Therefore there are good expectations regarding the increase in tourism in the coming days.

For their part, city hotel owners considered that an increase in occupancy of up to 80% is expected for this weekend, and the same percentage would be registered in the gastronomic sector, so that all the restaurateurs are happy, at least the members of their group.

The hotel owners commented that the affluence of national tourism is increasing, and in the same way this Saturday and Sunday an increase is expected, and according to what they say they already have reservations.

They expressed that everything seems to indicate that these remaining two weeks of vacation will be the best of the season, so they feel satisfied with the presence of so many tourists in the city.

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