Two cenotes rescued by private investors in Valladolid

Cenote_Xkeken. Photo by Haakon S. Krohn

The Yucatan government, through Cultur, decided to give the Xkekén and Samulhá cenotes a concession to the Ceiba de Yucatán company, where the Alves Group is the majority partner, to rescue the place that is deteriorated, in order to offer a good service To visitors.

In the Xkekén and Samulhá tourist facilities there are at least two groups of artisans fighting for control of the rental of life jackets. The place closed in 2022, after a confrontation between both groups.

For some years now, the place has been deteriorating, to the point that most of the handicraft shops no longer have a roof, and the palm tree roof of the main hall, where tickets are sold, is full of holes, which gives bad image to the tourism that arrives at the place.

Cultur announced that it would invest resources in the place, but to date it has not done anything about it. Apparently because the state government or Cultur do not have priority in rescuing the facilities, it gave the concession to the private company Ceiba de Yucatán, whose majority partner is Grupo Alves, which is currently developing a real estate complex on the access road to Tesoco, Valladolid.

According to information, negotiations between the state government and the private company began about two months ago and there were meetings with residents of Dzitnup to reach an agreement, which was reached approximately a month ago.

Last Friday, residents of Dzitnup and representatives of the company met to explain to the people the details of the concession and inform them of the agreements made previously with the government to support the population and its people.

The objective will be to rescue the tourist facilities to create a project that was carried out in accordance with a feasibility study in order to attract more tourists, since before in the summer holidays around 900 visitors arrived and now only about 150 arrive at the place.

With the rescue of the tourist hostel it is also intended to improve the jobs of the artisans, who already agree that the work is carried out and that everyone benefits.

In addition, the staff that will work in the place will be residents of the community, who have already got a severance by Cultur and since yesterday, Tuesday, when the tourist facilities were received, they were rehired by the new company. The rescue works will begin in September with an investment of 30 million pesos to give the site a good image.

Just yesterday the process of delivery-reception of the place began. The activities in the place were not suspended, so that visitors continue to be received.

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