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Tulum’s “Cenotes Casa Tortuga” a community focused on nature’s preservation

by Sofia Navarro
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Imagine the delight of swimming in water so remarkably clear that it unveils the verdant jade depths of the cenote beneath you. Such an experience awaits you at Cenotes Casa Tortuga, a mere 15-minute drive from Tulum’s charming township.

Cenotes, sacred sites in Mayan culture, hold the key to ecological harmony in the region. Thus, it’s of utmost importance to tread within them with respect, adhering to the guidance of locals for their preservation.

Abundant schools of fish, vibrant avian life, and luxuriant flora adorn the environs of the four distinct cenotes that constitute this tranquil haven established in 2016.

Within these natural pools, you can plunge, snorkel, and even take daring leaps, while subterranean chambers showcase mesmerizing stalactite and stalagmite formations.

Wearing a life jacket throughout the journey across the quartet of cenotes ensures your safety. Additionally, the establishment offers snorkeling gear in case you don’t have your own (both the life jacket and equipment are part of the tour package).

The Fascination of Campana and Wisho

Initial exploration brings you to the Campana cenote, a partially exposed cave adorned with the ancient grandeur of stalagmites and stalactites. The interplay of darkness and humidity lends a unique ambiance to the scene.

Next on the list is Wisho, another semi-open cave, boasting greater depth and harboring a treasure trove of fossil remnants. It’s imperative to resist the temptation of touching or pocketing any stones, irrespective of their allure.

Upon departure, an engaging stroll introduces you to the Maya’s sacred trees: the chechén symbolizing good and the chacáh representing evil. With luck, the sighting of spider monkeys and the melodies of indigenous birds might grace your senses.

Unveiling Tres Zapotes

Subsequently, you encounter Tres Zapotes, a cavernous, 100-meter-long cenote with its invigoratingly clear waters inviting you to take a three-meter plunge, reminiscent of a daring dive. It’s here that a pure spring gushes forth, its pristine quality allowing you to drink without hesitation.

The Fascination of Jaguar

The culmination of the journey unfolds at the Jaguar cenote, a semi-open cave of considerable challenge for entry, but the concealed treasures within make the “risk” entirely worthwhile. Navigating a corridor reveals a dry cavern, exposing the intricacies of tree roots and fossil specimens.

Cenotes Casa Tortuga provides an array of facilities, including changing rooms, restrooms, a restaurant, parking, guided tours, photography services, and vacation lodging. When circumstances permit, consider a visit to this paradisiacal destination in the heart of the Riviera Maya.

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