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Tizimín municipality blames vacant lots for the increase in dengue cases

by Sofia Navarro
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Faced with the increase in dengue cases, the Tizimín Municipality announced that it will impose fines on owners of neglected or abandoned lots, as it claims this is causing the spread of the dengue-transmitting mosquito. The financial penalties will be collected by the Cadastre Office when paying the corresponding property taxes.

After starting coordinated work between the Municipality and Health Department’s Vector Control for the fumigation and elimination of breeding grounds in the Santa Cruz and Santo Domingo neighborhoods, municipal authorities addressed the problem affecting the city and its communities.

They mentioned that a significant portion of this health problem is the responsibility of property owners themselves, as many do not allow Vector or Municipal personnel to inspect their yards for potential application of larvae control. As a result, it becomes impossible to control the breeding and proliferation of the dengue-transmitting mosquito.

They stated that the same situation applies to abandoned lots filled with weeds, as they become perfect breeding sites for mosquitoes. Thus, since no other alternatives exist to address this issue, starting this week, citywide patrols will notify owners of abandoned properties to initiate clean-up. The warning is also given to those who deny access to their homes for inspection.

After being notified and failing to comply with the authorities’ instructions to clean up or maintain their yards or vacant lots, measures will be taken, including imposing financial fines that must be paid at the Cadastre Office when paying property taxes. The same applies to those without ownership but living on ejido land, as they will also receive the warning, as it is the only way to encourage citizens to cooperate, the authorities said.

According to data obtained from the Health Department’s Vector Control, there are over a thousand abandoned properties just in the municipal center. Based on these figures, immediate notifications will be sent, and if ignored, penalties will be imposed.

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