State government neglects rural roads in Campeche

Most of rural and state roads in Campeche are in terrible condition, since there is no state investment or interest from governor Layda Sansores San Román, of the Morena party, to support its inhabitants, denounces legislator Teresa Farías González.

“All the state highways in the Candelaria municipality are completely forgotten, and there is no investment from the state government”, said Farías González. The legislator claims that the roads in the capital are totally destroyed by the traffic of heavy vehicles from the companies that work on the Tren Maya. “We don’t see the 34 million pesos that, according to the Secretariat of Infrastructure, Communications and Transportation (SICT), it allocates for repairs”.

The only road rehabilitation works are in the Paraíso Nuevo community, where all the streets are already paved, but by the National Fund for Tourism Promotion (Fonatur), not by the SICT, he asserted.

“I have not seen rehabilitated roads,” he said. “What I have seen of Fonatur is the damage caused by the train work”, she said.  “For example, one that is very clear to me and I was able to verify it personally, is in the community of Paraíso Nuevo, where they repair the streets inside the small tow, but not in the state highways.”

Farías said that she hopes that when they completely finish the work (of the Tren Maya) they will leave the streets and highways good or better, as Candelaria was, because everything is destroyed. “All state highways are completely forgotten in the municipality. I have had the opportunity to visit other municipalities, and they are in the same situation”, said the legislator.

“We do not see any investment,” she said, denying the investments presumed by the Secretary of Territorial, Urban Development and Public Works (Sedetuop) in the Second Report of governor Layda Sansores.

Farías González explained that around 15 days ago citizens were working on patching the state highways of La Esmeralda and Monclova forward, but with their own resources, using their own resources and also contributing their labor, men and women from Candelaria, “because there is nothing, there are no improvements from the State Government”.

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