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Social media reveals a dangerous “challenge” in a school in Mérida

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On Monday, August 28, videos were released on the WhatsApp application where a dangerous practice is observed among students of a private school in Mérida, which could endanger their lives.

It was revealed that the practice, which consists of pressing the other person’s chest until they lose consciousness for a few seconds, was carried out among high school students from private schools.

Everything seems to be consensual because when they “wake up”, the young men who suffer from fainting, laugh with the others in what appear to be the school bathrooms.

On the internet there is a challenge known as the “Knockout Challenge” that had its strong point a few years ago when it was spread through social media such as Twitter (now X) and TikTok.

In the challenge, a young man leans against the wall while the other presses his hands on his partner’s chest to apply pressure. The one against the wall faints from lack of oxygen

However, it is a dangerous practice as the lack of oxygen to the brain can cause short-term memory loss, seizures, brain damage, coma and, in extreme cases, death.

WhatsApp users, who warned about the dangerous practice at the Merida school, pointed out that the effect it produces is similar to commotio cordis, however, it occurs due to an impact (for example, a baseball against the batter’s chest).

Commotio cordis is a primary arrhythmic event that occurs when the mechanical energy generated by a blow is limited to a small area of ​​the precordium and profoundly alters the electrical stability of the myocardium, resulting in ventricular fibrillation.

The school authorities are already aware of the matter and will expel all those who participated, who appeared in the videos, but this has not yet been officially confirmed.

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