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Rescue of 2-Year-Old Girl Who Nearly Drowned in Chuburná Puerto

by Sofia Navarro
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What seemed like a day of fun and relaxation for a family nearly turned into a tragedy when a report emerged of a young girl nearly drowning in a Yucatán port.

As per the information gathered, the incident occurred on Thursday evening, during what should have been a family vacation in Chuburná Puerto. The family experienced moments of tension when they realized the young girl was missing. Upon searching, they found her at the bottom of a swimming pool.

It is presumed that the child fell to the bottom of a pool that was approximately two meters deep.

Upon discovery, emergency services were immediately called for assistance. Officers from the Public Security Secretariat (SSP) arrived at the scene and performed CPR.

Thanks to the prompt intervention of the emergency services, the young girl regained consciousness and expelled the water she had ingested while at the bottom of the pool.

Finally, paramedics transferred her to a hospital to provide the necessary care in order to rule out any complications from the water she had consumed while submerged.

It’s worth noting that these types of accidents tend to be more common during vacation periods when many residents of the Yucatán capital and the state’s interior rent summer houses with swimming pools. Unfortunately, not all of these incidents end well, as there have been reports of deaths involving several minors who were unable to be rescued, unlike the 2-year-old girl who managed to survive.

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