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Private schools in Yucatan reject the new SEP textbooks

by Yucatan Times
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The Mexican Association of Private Schools of Yucatán (Amepac) is waiting to know the position of the Government of Yucatán on the new free textbooks from Secretariat of Public Education (SEP), whose content has caused controversy; to officially request the Ministry of Education to use the same program and books from the previous school year.

Professor Elías Dájer Fadel, president of the association, reported that the 200 private schools affiliated with Amepac decided not to use the books of the new national educational model in the next school year 2023-2024, because they consider that they have deficiencies, lack of legal cleanliness and the educational society was not consulted.

In an interview regarding the distribution of free textbooks in Yucatan, and the suspension of their delivery in primary schools -until further notice-; Dájer Fadel said that he hopes to hear the position of the state administration whether it decides to deliver and apply the new books or not.

“Some states indefinitely suspended the distribution of these books, in the case of Amepac private schools we will not use them due to the deficiency and lack of legal cleanliness,” he emphasized. “We will use the books from last year, we have already asked parents to donate their books to us, we already have them and we will continue using them for the next school year.”

“We have applied the educational program for eleven years, we know it, we have already worked with the previous official books and they have given good results. When the Planea test existed (which the current federal government closed) Yucatán advanced 7 percentage points in mathematics and Spanish, that reflects that the program is not so bad and that it gives results.”

Dájer Fadel reported that he participated in a consultation group on ethics when he began the analysis of the new textbooks, but they excluded him because he did not want to sign a letter of reliability, that is, he could not disseminate the work he was doing. However, surprisingly the groups that were deactivated and now they have already been reactivated. He believes that this reactivation of the analysis groups is due to the controversy that the content of the texts has generated.

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