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México Tales and Legends: The legend of the hairy hand

by Sofia Navarro
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One of the most popular legends in our country is that of the “Hairy Hand.” It is said that everything happened in the early 20th century in the state of Puebla when the famous “Monte Pío” was beginning (pawnshops that lent money at a high-interest rate in exchange for collateral).

The manager of one of these famous pawnshops was Mr. Villa, better known as “Horta,” a short, bald, somewhat overweight, and hairy man.

Horta was greedy, and this greed went beyond that; he was unscrupulous and often took advantage of humble people who came to pawn their belongings, treating them poorly.

He enjoyed mocking everyone, flaunting his wealth. He wore large gold rings studded with precious stones to make himself noticeable.

He was immensely rich, but he was never willing to help anyone, so he was not appreciated by the people of the city. Whenever they passed by him, they would murmur while wishing that his hand would wither.

People asked for this so fervently that one day, Horta died, and his hand withered. His rings became embedded in his flesh, and the dark and hairy appearance of his hand was unpleasant and terrifying.

After burying him, the cemetery caretakers would talk about how, during the nights, one could see that hand roaming the area, searching for victims to gouge out their eyes and strangle them. It’s said that Horta was so wicked that even in death, he sought ways to do evil and seek revenge for the curse that people had sent upon his hand.


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