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México Tales and Legends: The Charro Negro

by Sofia Navarro
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When the sun begins to set and the chickens climb the trees to sleep, mothers gather their children, house doors are bolted shut, and travelers hasten their pace while praying. No one wants to encounter the Black Charro.

This entity gets its name from its attire. Whenever it appears, it wears an elegant ensemble of a black charro suit with gold or silver details. It can be seen mounted on his horse: a large animal with eyes like two balls of fire that seem to peer into the soul of its victim.

City dwellers are fortunate because the Black Charro only lurks on the outskirts of urban areas and appears before those who travel alone.

It’s said this is because the solitary are easy prey. Perhaps it’s due to the fear they feel, which sometimes tempts them to make poor decisions.

The Charro came from a humble family. His parents, though they loved him, could never indulge his whims. The Charro always liked dressing well; sometimes, he even skipped meals for days to save a few pesos and use the money saved to buy a good hat.

However, he grew tired of his unending poverty. No matter how hard he worked, money was never enough, and he had to go about his days with hands full of dirt.

Some time later, his parents passed away. Left alone, the Charro’s misery escalated significantly, prompting him to make a decision that would change his life: he summoned the devil to ask for wealth.

It’s unclear how he managed it, but eventually, Lucifer appeared. The entity could read the eyes and the spirit of the man who had summoned him, so he immediately offered him sums of money that he couldn’t possibly spend in two lifetimes. The only thing he asked in return was his soul.

The Charro, proud and brave at the time, wasn’t frightened by the Morning Star and accepted.

Time passed, and gradually the Charro’s youth began to fade. Suddenly, he realized he was tired of squandering his riches on women, gambling, wine, and expensive suits. Concurrently, the sensation of loneliness pressed on his chest, barely allowing him to breathe. Nobody loved him for who he was; they only cared for the wealth he possessed.

The Charro had forgotten about that cursed deal. So, when the devil appeared to remind him that the time for payment was nearing, he was more frightened than ever.

Terror invaded our protagonist’s being, reaching into every corner of his soul. He remembered his debt, and out of cowardice, he started to hide. He ordered his estate staff to place crosses all over his property and to build a small chapel.

Nevertheless, the memory of the pending debt kept him from sleeping or enjoying the few months he had left to live. So, driven by fear, he took his best horse along with a bag containing a few gold coins he hadn’t spent. He set off on his journey during the night, ensuring that no one would see him flee.

However, the devil realized that the Charro was going to break his promise, so he appeared again before the rider and his horse, but this time, to take him away.

“I was going to wait until you died to collect the debt you owe me, but since you hide like a coward, I’ll take you now,” the devil said.

The Charro had no time to respond. Before he knew it, his horse reared up, attempting to kick the demon, but it was too late. His master’s arms had begun to wither, his flesh disappearing. All that remained was the black charro outfit over bleached bones. The devil spoke again:

“I see your beast is loyal to you. Therefore, it shall be cursed just like you and condemned to accompany you on your journey to hell. However, from time to time, I want you to do something for me – collect from my debtors. If you perform your task well, I will allow the man who accepts the bag of gold coins you bring to take your place.”

Since then, that man was condemned to endure countless torments in hell and to come out only to collect from those who owe debts to Lucifer. This was done in the hope that one night, some traveler, driven by his greed, would take his place. Only then can the Black Charro and his horse find peace and rest.

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