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México Tales and Legends: “La casa de los tubos”

by Sofia Navarro
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In the 1970s, a father and his daughter arrived in the city of Monterrey, Nuevo León, with the hope of having a peaceful life. The girl, affected by an early paralysis, used a wheelchair to move around. As an act of love, her father decided to build a huge cylindrical house, interconnected with ramps and large windows so that his daughter could move comfortably throughout the house and enjoy the city view. 

Construction of the innovative home began immediately. Dozens of builders were gathered for the task. People worked until late hours of the night to finish the construction as soon as possible. Months passed, and as the structure began to rise, tension and an inexplicable fear started to grip them. Suddenly, everything got worse. Tools started to disappear, and the builders blamed each other without finding any logical explanation for what was happening.

The builders held a meeting at the construction site to find a solution, but they ended up getting drunk and no one showed up to work the next day, except for three of them. Two of them worked on the lower floor, while the other went to the upper floor. The two below heard a sudden scream followed by the sound of a body hitting the concrete. The man lay dead on the floor, terror in his eyes as if he had seen an infernal being just before dying. Shortly after this tragedy, another builder inexplicably fell out of one of the windows.

According to the legend, before dying, he said to his peers, “He doesn’t want us here.”

The father, determined to finish the house, didn’t stop construction despite the tragedies. One day he brought his daughter to show her how advanced the construction was. In a moment of distraction, the girl, exploring the house, reached the highest floor of the building. From there, the sound of the wheelchair sliding rapidly down one of the ramps was heard, causing the girl to fly out of the window and die. Days later, the father took his own life in the same place.

For over 40 years, the house remained uninhabited and incomplete. In 2016, an architecture firm bought the property and has been working on its renovation.

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