Mauricio Vila delivers infrastructure and equipment for the Metropolitan System for Waste Management

Photo: Gobierno del Estado de Yucatán

Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal delivers infrastructure and equipment works for the implementation of the Metropolitan System for Waste Management.

Mérida, Yucatán, August 7, 2023.- Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal delivered the infrastructure and equipment works of the Metropolitan System for Waste Management, a unique model in Mexico, with which the problem of solid waste is addressed in Progreso, Kanasín, Tixpéual, Ucú, Umán and Mérida, municipalities where more than 60% of Yucatán’s garbage is generated, with which the state becomes a pioneer in efficient garbage management, and moves towards becoming a more sustainable place, with a waste collection and management service.

During a visit to the Umán transfer station, Vila Dosal supervised the adaptation works and provided equipment, which consisted of 3 compactor trucks, 1 roll-on truck, 4 transfer boxes, 2 tractor trucks and a pair of mini loaders, the which will contribute to the operation of the plan, which contemplates the closure of open-air dumps, the establishment of transfer stations, the promotion of differentiated collection and equipment to improve garbage collection, by going from having 6 garbage cans to just one, in the Sanitary Landfill of the Yucatecan capital.

With more than 24.8 million pesos, sanitation is carried out in the garbage dumps and transfer stations of Progreso, Umán, Tixpéual and Ucú, in order to guarantee that there is no dispersion of garbage and avoid effects on public health or the environment, while that, through 23.7 million pesos, the proper functioning of said sites was strengthened.

Giving details, the head of the Sustainable Development Secretariat (SDS), Sayda Melina Rodríguez Gómez, pointed out that, in the case of Kanasín, there was private investment for a total of 14.9 million pesos for the sanitation and establishment of a transfer station.

“Today, we are making history by moving Mérida and its metropolitan area to have a single final disposal site, which implies the guarantee of a reduction of 42,152 tons of CO2 equivalent, which means removing 206,000 of them from circulation. annually,” he concluded.

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