Local fishermen rescued two missing men

In addition to a fishing boat that was hit by the leisure ship “Mobi”, which left a fisherman seriously injured, last Friday, two small boats with their crew members were lost near “Isla Cervera”.

Both fishermen were rescued by other fishermen who went out in their own boats. According to the sources, the Mexican Navy did not do its part to search and rescue the two small boats.

The loss of the boats was on Friday afternoon; the fishermen were left far from the mother boat, and the boat’s outboard motor broke down and couldn’t start, so it was left adrift.

The fisherman who was in the boat reported the case by cell phone, since it was already beginning to get dark, he gave references and position in which he was and indicated to the owner of the boat that the two small boats with their fishermen were missing and quick action was urgently needed to prevent them from the sea takes them further from the coast.

It was said that the case was reported to the Port Authority and the Mexican Navy. A naval launch was sent to search, but when the fishermen were not found, they returned to the port. Then, other fishermen left in several smaller boats and between 9 and 10 pm on the same Friday, they found the lost men and the mother boat and towed them to the port.

On the other hand, the fisherman Martín López González, who was injured by the impact of the recreational boat at the stern of the fishing boat in which he was traveling, continues to be hospitalized. The owner of the leisure ship has not taken responsability in covering the injured’s medical expenses.

As we reported yesterday, Saturday, a Chicxulub boat with two fishermen on board was hit by the “Mobi” boat, on Friday at 2 in the afternoon, off “Isla Cervera”, and one of the fishermen was seriously injured.

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