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Inauguration of Accenture Advanced Technology Center in Mérida

by Sofia Navarro

In a significant development, Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal, alongside Jorge Castilla Ortuño, the General Director of Accenture Mexico, inaugurated the new offices of the Accenture Advanced Technology Center. This cutting-edge facility, situated in the Hotel Camino Real in the northern part of the city, marks a pivotal moment in the integration of innovation and technology in Mérida. The center’s establishment is projected to generate over 1,000 jobs in the state, with 600 in Mérida, 200 in Tekax, and 200 in Valladolid.

Strategic location and reasons for selection

Jorge Castilla Ortuño, addressing Mayor Renán Barrera Concha, emphasized that Yucatán was chosen as the site for this project due to its exceptional preparedness, high level of competitiveness, geographical advantage, and political, social, and labor stability. He also mentioned the significant investments in infrastructure that have significantly enhanced the region’s conditions.

A Vision for growth and innovation

Castilla Ortuño stated, “From the moment we set our sights on Yucatán, we recognized an extraordinary growth potential. The cultural richness, the kindness of its people, and the thriving community of entrepreneurs and innovators inspired us to make this significant decision.” He reaffirmed Accenture’s commitment to the state and its community, aiming to strengthen their collaboration to build an innovation ecosystem that positions Yucatán as a digital transformation leader within the country and the region.

Enhancing digital transformation

In the presence of Leonardo Framil, CEO of Accenture in Growth Markets, Castilla Ortuño highlighted that this center is part of Accenture’s global network of more than 50 Advanced Technology Centers spanning five continents. The center’s inception is rooted in a strong commitment to serving Mexican clients. He added that from Yucatán, Accenture will bolster its capabilities to drive digital transformation for some of the world’s most significant companies, utilizing cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, metaverse, and cybersecurity.

Governor’s vision for economic growth

Governor Vila Dosal underscored his administration’s focus on creating higher-paying jobs and ensuring that individuals have the opportunity to thrive based on their skills. He mentioned ongoing efforts to prepare the people of Yucatán, starting from bilingual education initiatives in primary schools to international mobility programs and specialized courses in fields such as cybersecurity.

The Governor reminisced that Yucatán is currently experiencing a historical moment with its unprecedented economic growth in 2021, record job generation, significant foreign direct investment in 2022, thriving tourism, and enhanced safety. He emphasized the state’s commitment to human capital development, including English language programs, technological initiatives, and the creation of specialized educational opportunities in cybersecurity.

Mayor Renán Barrera Concha extended gratitude to Accenture for recognizing the intangible advantages of Mérida, including safety, social harmony, and the warmth of its people. He highlighted the importance of preparing younger generations for technological advancements and underscored the city’s efforts to promote technology-based education.

In the grand scheme of things, Accenture’s establishment of the Advanced Technology Center in Yucatán marks a monumental step toward technological progress. With its vision of nurturing innovation and embracing technological advancements, the center is poised to shape the future of both Yucatán and the broader region.

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