Huge fire affects six warehouses on the Mérida-Progreso highway

An enormous fire occurred last Tuesday in the Non-Contaminating Industries Park on the Mérida-Progreso highway. The fire started after noon and quickly spread throughout the area to distribution centers for six different companies. Some say that explosions were heard before the flames consumed the place, but others say that they realized it thanks to the kilometer-long column of smoke.

“I was leaving the factory and I saw that there was a lot of black smoke, so I went back to make sure that everything was under control,” said the owner of a company near the area of ​​the fire, in the north of Mérida, who requested the anonymity.

The woman explained that in the area consumed by the fire, there are factories of various types, such as kitchens and textiles, and warehouses for several items as well.

“It seems to me a terrible situation for the people who suffered the damage, for the workers and the businessmen, it is one of the worst nightmares we can have to see your assets consumed by fire,” the woman shared.

Immediately, the firefighters and security forces arrived at the Xcanatún police station to evacuate the risk areas and to prevent the fire from spreading to other points.

From the Mérida-Progreso highway, the scope of the fire could be seen, as the column of black smoke was visible from kilometers away. The user Daniel Montejo shared on his Facebook account a video taken from a drone where the magnitude of the smoke could be fully appreciated.

The afternoon rain was a breath of fresh air for the fire crews and a hope of putting out the flames and stopping the damage.

Governor Mauricio Vila reported that the affected establishments were industrial warehouses and confirmed that no intoxicated or injured people were reported.

The Ministry of Public Security confirmed that six companies were affected by this fire. The work of the emergency bodies lasted for several hours.

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