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Historic reduction in income inequality for Yucatecan families

by Yucatan Times
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As a result of the programs and actions promoted by the State Government to improve opportunities and attract more projects that generate quality jobs to impact the lives of Yucatecans, Yucatán achieved a historic reduction in inequality in the income of their families, according to the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI).

In the report, the state presented a decrease of -9.4% in the Gini index, data that allows measuring income inequality among the inhabitants of a region, in a given period.

In the case of Yucatan, the INEGI study showed that, compared to the national situation, wage inequality was reduced 3 times more than in the rest of the country, which barely obtained -3.1%.

The National Survey of Household Income and Expenditure 2022 (ENIGH) of the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi), also recorded unprecedented data, since it shows that the quarterly income of households in Yucatan reached its highest historical level, going from 53,329 pesos in 2020 to 62,371 in 2022, that is, an increase of more than 9,000 pesos.

The foregoing represented a growth of 17% in the said period, with which Yucatán positioned itself as the eighth with the highest increase in the Country and the one with the best performance in the Peninsula, registering the highest income growth since this measurement began in 2016; when he got 8.1%.

On the other hand, it is observed that the households that improved their income were those of the most vulnerable families, which registered an advance of 44.5%. The survey also indicated that the population groups that earn the least are those with historical growth rates.

In this way, it was recorded that when considering the distribution, the houses in Group I, the 10% of the population with the lowest income, the most vulnerable group registered a quarterly income that exceeds 14,274 pesos, a figure that is also obtained for the first time.

The INEGI study also showed that for the first time in history, fewer families are concerned about running out of food: only 3 out of 10 families surveyed expressed this concern, reducing the percentage from 52.3% obtained in 2020 to 35.2% in 2022; a reduction of 17 points, in which Yucatán was below the national average of 36.3%.

In the same way, 8 out of 10 households stated that they had a healthy and varied diet, placing Yucatán at its all-time high with 75.9% above the national average, which was 74.1%.

These data reflect the historic moment that Yucatan is experiencing, since 2021 was the best year in economic growth and job creation, while in 2022, an unprecedented number of foreign direct investments and tourist arrivals were reached, among other relevant indicators. , which shows the effectiveness of the national and international promotion led by Vila Dosal, to place the region in the eyes of the world.

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