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Grupo Presidente at the forefront in sustainability and the fight against climate change

by Yucatan Times
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Grupo Presidente joins a select group of Mexican companies that are pioneers in adhering to the Glasgow Declaration on Climate Action in Tourism, an initiative of the World Tourism Organization.

Among other actions, an important contribution was made to the restoration of the coral reefs in Cozumel, which is already giving results, as well as the incorporation into important initiatives promoted by the World Travel & Tourism Council.

Grupo Presidente, a leading Mexican company in the operation and management of hotels, restaurants, and residences for the elderly, continues to show its vision and leadership in the Mexican tourism sector with a global impact.

Through its Department of Institutional Relations and Sustainability, and with the support of the group of advisors of the Sustainable & Social Tourism Summit, Grupo Presidente takes firm steps with concrete actions to meet each of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and especially SDG 13 – climate action.

The tourism sector generates around 8% of the total CO2e emissions on the planet, and although the transport sector is the one that represents the largest amount of these gases, the hotel industry contributes a quarter of what is generated by the sector. For this reason, and always maintaining a global vision, Grupo Presidente has become one of the few companies in Mexico that has signed the Glasgow Declaration on Climate Action in Tourism.

This initiative, promoted by the World Tourism Organization in collaboration with The Travel Foundation, commits us as a company to take more determined actions to reduce our emissions, and adapt to the impacts of climate change on our properties.

One of the first actions carried out by Grupo Presidente is the calculation of the carbon footprint in several of its properties where continuous improvement processes have already begun to reduce it. Also, aware of the impact of climate change on one of the most important ecosystems on the planet, coral reefs have innovated in nature-based solutions and ecosystem-based adaptation.

Lourdes (Malula) Prieto head of the Institutional Relations and Sustainability Department at Grupo Presidente

A clear example is the recent investment made by the company that will serve to protect and restore coral reefs on the Island of Cozumel, through the Oceanus A.C. Coral Reef Restoration Program, one of the pioneering and leading organizations in Mexico in matter of restoration of marine-coastal ecosystems. With this investment, which is already bearing fruit, it will be possible to contribute to the conservation and restoration of the Mesoamerican Reef, the most important barrier reef in this hemisphere and the second most important in the world.

Shortly after its creation, the Institutional Relations and Sustainability Department, headed by Lourdes Prieto, is advancing committed to meeting its objectives with actions aimed at the continuous improvement of the company’s properties, its environment and global context.

Coral restoration can take on a number of forms. It can range from simple growing, gardening, and outplanting to harvesting millions of naturally-produced eggs and sperm to create millions of new genetic individuals. 

Photo: Institutional Relations and Sustainability Department | Grupo Presidente

In addition to joining the Glasgow Declaration on Climate Action in Tourism, Grupo Presidente joined the Declaration of Support for Women in the Travel and Tourism Industry, promoted in a public-private partnership by World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) that recognizes the important contribution that women have in the industry and that seeks to promote an equal environment for all.

When coral bleaches, it is not dead – yet. Coral reefs that suffer widespread bleaching can still recover if conditions improve, but it’s estimated to take up to 12 years. That is, if there’s no new disturbance in the meantime, such as a highly destructive cyclone or another bleaching event.

Photo: Institutional Relations and Sustainability Department | Grupo Presidente

At Grupo Presidente, development opportunities and labor rights are respected without distinction or discrimination of any kind in an equitable and fair work environment.

A year ago, the same WTTC published a study regarding the prevention of human trafficking in the travel and tourism sector where it mentioned, among other things, that at least 40 million individuals are vulnerable to falling into this situation around the world. . Being such a big and important problem, Grupo Presidente is updating the necessary protocols and detonating strategic alliances that help prevent human trafficking.

Experts say there’s still time to save coral reefs, but it’ll require swiftly addressing the three largest impacts to reefs: land-based pollution, overfishing and, most importantly, climate change.

Photo: Institutional Relations and Sustainability Department | Grupo Presidente

As a first step, with the support of Fundación Gigante, the company is preparing to obtain “The Code” International Certification, an international code of conduct for corporate social responsibility for the protection of children and adolescents from sexual exploitation associated with travel and tourism, being an initiative led by the private sector to promote responsible, regulated and safe tourism.

Through these and other actions, Grupo Presidente reiterates its commitment to Mexico, to the places where it operates and to the planet we share, and invites the tourism sector to join initiatives that contribute to improving the health of the planet, people and increase competitiveness.

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