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Experts highlight the real estate advantages of Yucatan

by Yucatan Times

Javier Lomelín Gascón, Hospitalty Consultant at Colliers México, highlighted in a recent presentation that tourism in the state of Yucatán has grown. A sign of this is that the Mérida Airport registered an annual flow of three million travelers in 2022 and compared to January and February 2023, there was an increase of almost 60% compared to the two-month period of the previous year.

“That speaks volumes about the people who are coming to the State of Yucatán; the connectivity of its airport infrastructure has increased substantially and now has 13 national destinations and international destinations such as Houston, Miami and even Toronto. Last year the Yucatecan capital was awarded by a magazine in the top five of the best cities in the world,” he said.

For the consultant, these positive factors generate this migration, attracting more than 17 thousand people at the end of 2022.

Another topic was that Tourism Foreign Direct Investment broke the record in 2022, with 3,500 million dollars. “Yucatán was one of the five states that captured the highest flow.”

Laura Campuzano, CCO Residencial Lotes of SIMCA Desarrollos, assured that the firm she represents is taking advantage of this tourism boom to capitalize with a portfolio and a wide range of products focusing on reaching different market sectors.

“We have products ranging from 600,000 pesos to a Villa of 9 million pesos. We continue with the idea of ​​reaching different needs, from a builder to a student or someone who is thinking about their retirement plan”, he said.

In this sense, he shared that a growing sector in the state are foreigners looking for real estate. “Mérida becomes more interesting and there is definitely an impressive wealth as a state. It is no longer the Riviera Maya, they are turning to see us on this side and there are impressive products, incredible gastronomy, high-end luxury restaurants and obviously it makes us diversify with a larger range of products”.

Alonso Burgos, Vice President of Hotel Development at Marriott International, spoke about his experience leading one of the most important hotel brands nationwide.

“We, being in the hotel industry, basically have two types of customers. First, all of us who are hotel guests and looking for different types of rooms, experiences and prices according to the trip and budget; that’s our core customer, which we’re all in the industry for. Our second type of customer are the investors who own the hotels and look for us as a chain with international projection to cover all these segments”.

The hotel chain also offers these investors a series of brands to develop in the hotel industry, in the midst of a sector that is becoming more and more sophisticated and seeks different types of experience.

“I have a friend who works at BMW and he tells me that when they are trained they are told that they must offer a Ritz Carlton-type service. We hoteliers set standards in services for all industries and we go hand in hand with aeronautics, gastronomic services, etcetera”.

To close the tourism debate, Raúl Nava, managing partner of Gira Capital Inmobiliaria, mentioned that his company generates information every month, that is, metrics that are followed by the opportunity segments.

“We are in Mérida, Yucatán, which is a rapidly exploding market. Today we are analyzing or we are obtaining results and we are surprised by the rapid growth it has”.

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