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Dogs save their owner from dying during a fire in Kinchil, Yuc.

by Yucatan Times
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“Chocolata” and “Negra” woke up their owner, an elderly woman, so she could get out of the house that was consumed by flames.

The two little dogs became heroes by saving their owner.

The loyalty and love that the little animals show their owners is indeed great, and an example are the two dogs of Doña Margarita, who saved her life on Thursday, August 10th, during a fire in the municipality of Kinchil.

Doña Margarita Dzul, about 75 years old, was sleeping peacefully in her hammock inside her little straw house, located on Calle 25 (between 14 and 16), of the aforementioned municipality, without imagining that a truck was burning outside.

When the flames consumed the entire vehicle, they immediately trapped the roof of Huano, which burned in a matter of seconds.

At this moment, Mrs. Margarita, who was sleeping with her pets, was really in danger. It was her two canines, “Chocolata” and “Negra”, who managed to save her life.

The woman affirms that she felt how both little animals barked and pushed her hammock so that she would wake up, she even wondered why the dogs were so insistent until she realized that her house was on fire and that was how she managed to get out in time.

The sad news is that although “Chocolata” and “Negrita” are fine, three other baby puppies that were sleeping inside the house could not be saved, and they perished in the fire.

The firefighters managed to control the flames and Doña Margarita is safe and sound thanks to her two dogs, who are true real-life heroes.

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