Home Feature Discover the cenote that can “turn you into one of the best bullfighters in Yucatán”

Discover the cenote that can “turn you into one of the best bullfighters in Yucatán”

by Sofia Navarro
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The legend that the elderly used to tell their children and grandchildren about the cenote where a man can become a very skilled bullfighter still lives on in the town of Acanceh.

Despite being currently overgrown, the belief that numerous bullfighters emerged from Holinchén who showcased their skills in the bullrings continues.

This is a cenote located on 14th Street between 27th and 29th Streets in the neighborhood of the same name. Currently covered with vegetation that makes access to the attraction impossible, in previous years it was visible—a small hole beneath a lush tree—although entering was quite a challenge.

According to testimonies from elderly individuals, some managed to enter and, due to their remarkable feat, were rewarded by becoming bullfighters.

The most well-known story is the one recounted by Grandma Anastacia Chalé: “They say that very few people managed to enter the cenote, but those who did were in for great surprises that marked their lives. It’s said that once, a man who aspired to become a bullfighter managed to squeeze through that hole, which is very dark and narrow, and with much effort, he made some progress. He crawled for several minutes until he reached a clearer space.”

Rutilio Cen Poot, another elder from the locality, mentioned that he heard the legend since childhood from his father. Many stories about this place are still heard in the community to this day.

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