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Crocodile surprises bathers at ‘Las Coloradas’ in Yucatán

by Sofia Navarro
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Once again, a crocodile surprised visitors at ‘Las Coloradas’ in Yucatán, as it was seen swimming at the edge of the beach.

According to biologist José Cruz Hoil Rajón, responsible for environmental matters at the Río Lagartos City Council, the reptile was a specimen of the moreletti species that inhabits the Yucatán coasts.

Upon receiving reports from bathers, a brigade unit went to the coast to monitor the reptile’s movements in order to ensure the safety of swimmers and prevent the animal from feeling distressed.

Hoil Rajón indicated that these types of animals, as well as birds and turtles, have a sense of orientation, so it is presumed that the crocodile only ventured out for hunting and would later return to its original location.

Since timely notice was given, the presence of the reptile in the sea did not pose a risk to bathers or tourists.

He highlighted that in recent days, there has been increased activity of reptiles seeking shelter due to the rains, and they have also been spotted near the freshwater spring in Chiquilá.

As its name suggests, Río Lagartos is a coastal area known for the presence of reptiles, and a few years ago, the presence of a crocodile very close to several tourists was reported.

Through a TikTok video, it was revealed that during the visit of several tourists to Río Lagartos, a crocodile could be seen observing them as they focused on the estuary area, without causing harm to the visitors or the reptile.

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