Armed robbery recorded on Jalisco highway in broad daylight

A group of assailants operating in at least three trucks robbed the vehicle of two individuals in broad daylight on a toll highway segment between San Juan de los Lagos and Jalostotitlán, about 130 kilometers from the state capital.

The incident took place on July 17th, but the video of the assault was only released on Friday afternoon.

A couple traveling in an SUV became the victims of the violent assault on a highway located in the southern Altos region of Jalisco.

The footage was captured by a device located in the cab of a truck or cargo vehicle.

It can be observed that the truck driver is proceeding correctly when several private cars approach in the opposite direction, with their hazard lights flashing.

The recording shows three trucks, one gray, one red, and one silver, pursuing a white Nissan vehicle that stops on the shoulder, to the right side of the cargo vehicle, as they block its path.

Two individuals exit the pearl-colored truck; one is carrying a handgun, and the other has an assault rifle, with which they threaten the occupants of the Nissan X-Trail, a man and a woman. They then flee, escorted by the two trucks.

The Jalisco government stated that an investigation is underway to determine if this robbery is linked to a criminal gang engaged in similar activities that was apprehended by state police in March and July.

In a statement, state authorities assure that in an effort to reduce incidents of vehicle theft on the highway to the Altos region, they have closed informal access points that criminals use to enter and exit the road undetected.

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