Alleged act of sexual abuse committed against two dogs in Tizimin, Yuc.

According to the news website Yucatan Ahora, an alleged act of sexual abuse against two mixed-breed dogs was reported on Thursday, August 3rd, in the Tepeyac neighborhood of the Tizimín municipality.

The owner of the dogs reported that when she was at home with her family, she heard the cries of her adult dogs, both “Malix Pek” Creole breed, one female and one male.

When she went out to the patio of her house to see what was going on, he realized that two subjects were allegedly sexually abusing the animals.

When the individuals were surprised by the owner, they released the dogs and fled, jumping over the property fence and running away.

The animals kept crying insistently, both had lesions on their anuses and genitals.

The attackers are fugitives from justice and the owner will file the corresponding legal complaint with the State Attorney General’s Office.

TYT Newsroom