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Alert for increase in dengue cases in Yucatan

by Yucatan Times
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The Yucatan Health Secretariat (SSY) issued an alert notice to the medical community in general since epidemiological week number 32 to detect, assess, channel and report suspected cases of dengue that has an impressively vertical curve due to the number of patients of this disease.

According to the dengue epidemiological surveillance notice issued on August 17, the Ministry of Health reported that the 4 dengue serotypes circulate in Yucatan and up to week 32 there were 1,669 confirmed cases, which is an increase of more than 100% compared to 2022.

As we published on August 17, epidemiologist Rudy Coronado Bastarrachea declared that dengue in Yucatán could already be considered an epidemic outbreak.

The most harmful strain that affects Yucatecans is number 3, which is responsible for 90% to 94% of dengue. Serotype 1 barely affects 10% on average, 2 1% and 4 also 1%.

Dengue, as is known, is transmitted by the bite of the aedes aegypti fly, an insect that has its biggest outbreak in the hurricane and rainy season, which makes Yucatan a vulnerable area for the spread of the vector and spread of the disease.

The alert indicates that the most affected age group is 10 to 14 years in confirmed cases, that is, school-age children, although the range 15 to 19 years is also high.

The victims most prone to mosquito bites and therefore infected with dengue are children from 5 to 9 years of age, from 10 to 14 years, which is the highest peak, adolescents and adults from 15 to 19 years, 20 to 24, 25 to 29 and 30 to 34.

In week 33, which was published on August 23, the latest report of the Epidemiological Panorama of Dengue Fever and Hemorrhagic Fever in the country also confirms that Yucatan “is being attacked” by the 4 serotypes identified, but mainly by the strain 3 which is responsible for 1,512 confirmed cases.

This week 33, the number of confirmed cases increased from 1,669 (week 32) to 2,047, placing Yucatán as the third national entity with the highest number of confirmed cases to date. The first place is occupied by Quintana Roo with 2,154, the second Veracruz with 2,119, the third Yucatán with 2,047, fourth Puebla with 956 and fifth Morelos with 814.

In the comparison of confirmed cases in Yucatán, an impressive outbreak, almost epidemic, can be seen compared to 2022. In probable cases in 2022 there were 398 and in this year 9,817; the cases from a less were 10 in 2022 and in this year 926.

The epidemiological report only recognizes two deaths in Yucatan from dengue endorsed by the National Committee for Epidemiological Surveillance.

The populations most affected by transmitting flies are Cuncunul with 13 confirmed cases; Celestun, with 36; Tekax, with 98; and Santa Elena, with 10.

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