Home Headlines Aguakan “washes its hands” over water shortage affecting Playa del Carmen

Aguakan “washes its hands” over water shortage affecting Playa del Carmen

by Sofia Navarro
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Neither Aguakan nor the real estate company Cadu are taking responsibility for the water cuts that affect the El Edén housing complex every weekend in Playa del Carmen, which have left the residents fed up.

Maribel López, a homemaker and resident of the housing complex, stated that the neighbors are joining forces to protest and demand that the potable water concessionaire improve the service.

According to Aguakan’s claims, the real estate company Cadu is responsible for pumping water to the families living in the buildings, while the construction company asserts to the residents that the responsibility lies with Aguakan.

Cadu, presided over and directed by Pedro Vaca Elguero, received a certificate for the development of El Edén from the International Finance Corporation (IFC), a World Bank member, in 2022.

Furthermore, the company boasts its commitment to sustainable development through the construction of quality homes that promote environmental care and the formation of integral communities, according to its website.

After a four-day blackout that affected Villas del Sol and neighboring housing complexes such as Las Perlas, Pescadores II, and El Edén, the residents of Solidaridad have witnessed the consequences of uncontrolled real estate growth, which has been approved by the municipalities.

In El Edén, families have to reserve potable water in buckets, washing machines, plastic containers, jugs, and even bathtubs to have available water for toilets, bathing, washing dishes, or doing laundry.

Following the protest by Villas del Sol residents due to the mega blackout, Maribel López pointed out that El Edén usually doesn’t experience electrical failures.

At the time of purchasing their homes, the real estate company assured them that they would always have electricity, as there is a substation in front of the housing complex.

The citizen indicated that this guarantee was crucial for the hundreds of families living there and that they have always known that Villas del Sol is characterized by constant electricity service failures.

The interviewee mentioned that Cadu told them the neighboring housing complex receives energy from another substation, but they never specified which one.

On the other hand, Cruz Rodríguez, also a resident of El Edén, mentioned that the only time they experienced power cuts was during the construction of a supermarket, but it brought its own transformer to operate, ceasing to draw power from the substation in front of it.

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