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Yucatán, an attractive and reliable hub for investors

by Sofia Navarro

Yucatán remains a reliable and opportunistic hub for private sector projects, such as the maquiladora (manufacturing facility) of Augusta Sportswear Brands, dedicated to the production of sportswear and uniforms. Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal inaugurated this facility, which is creating over 1,500 jobs for Yucatecan families.

Accompanied by the Vice President of Manufacturing Mexico, Óscar Jiménez Hervella, and the U.S. Consul General, Dorothy Ngutter, Governor Vila Dosal cut the inaugural ribbon of this plant, which provides employment opportunities for people from municipalities such as Hunucmá, Ucú, Hoctún, Timucuy, Acanceh, and Mérida. They produce sports garments that are exported to the United States and Canada.

Governor Vila Dosal emphasized that Augusta is part of the historical moment Yucatán is experiencing. In 2021, the state witnessed the highest economic growth and generated the most jobs in its history. In 2022, Yucatán attracted the highest foreign direct investment, welcomed more tourists, and achieved enhanced security.

Regarding 2023, Vila Dosal highlighted that June recorded the highest average salary, a result of the efforts made in the state to attract more investments that create formal jobs needed by Yucatecan families. He expressed the continuous promotion of Yucatán at the national and international levels.

As an example, he mentioned his recent trip to China, where significant achievements were made, including the establishment of a 1,000-hectare industrial park, capable of hosting up to 50 companies that will generate more employment opportunities. Additionally, a new automotive parts plant was established in Ticul, bringing jobs to the interior of the state. He also mentioned the upcoming meeting with a German company in the automotive parts sector, showing interest in Yucatán’s developments.

The Governor emphasized that the state’s transformation goes beyond job creation. It also aims to impact people’s quality of life, with a more dignified public transportation system through the Va y Ven system.

The maquiladora is generating a substantial number of jobs for technical staff in information technology, engineering, systems, and design, all requiring bilingual skills. The facilities are top-notch, categorized as AAA, and equipped with state-of-the-art technology. The facility produces over 9,000 pieces per day and more than 60,000 units per week.

It is expected that within four years, this Merida-based plant will produce up to 5 million garments, which will be exported to the United States and Canada.

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