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We need to preserve the Mangrove Forests of the Yucatan

by Sofia Navarro
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Raúl Paz Alonzo, senator of Morena, issued an urgent call to protect the mangrove forests in Yucatán as a fundamental measure to preserve the environment and ensure sustainable development in the region.

The legislator expressed concern about the serious threat faced by the mangrove forests in different areas of the state, resulting from improper urban development and real estate projects along the Yucatán Peninsula.

On the occasion of the International Day for the Protection of the Mangrove Ecosystem, he urged society to get involved and demand from the authorities their protection and conservation efforts.

Paz Alonzo highlighted the importance of mangrove forests as regulators of water quality along the coasts, as well as providers of fishing zones, habitats for various plant and animal species, and essential for food security in the region.

Furthermore, he emphasized their crucial role in mitigating the effects of climate change in places like Yucatán, an area exposed to hurricanes.

According to official data, Mexico possesses 5 percent of the world’s total mangrove forests, ranking the country in 4th place among 125 countries and territories with this type of wetland.

However, it is estimated that thousands of hectares of this ecosystem have been lost in the country in recent years.

The senator highlighted the efforts driven from the Upper Chamber to favor the environmental sustainability of the national territory.

Likewise, he praised Mexico’s commitment as a member country of the Ramsar Convention, which seeks to conserve and protect wetlands to ensure sustainable development for future generations.

“If we want the well-being of our people and achieve shared prosperity, it is vital to take responsible actions to preserve the environment in Yucatán. The deforestation of mangrove forests is a clear example of the damage we are exposed to, and it is something we must regulate for the well-being of future generations,” stated the senator.

The legislator emphasized the need for collaboration between civil society and different levels of government to establish appropriate regulations and promote awareness and quality environmental education for the benefit of the region’s sustainable development.

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