Home Headlines “The participation of everyone is needed for a better Yucatán”: Renán Barrera

“The participation of everyone is needed for a better Yucatán”: Renán Barrera

by Sofia Navarro
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Renán Barrera reiterated his commitment to the 106 municipalities of Yucatán, ensuring that they still find their state the safest in all of Mexico, and of course Merida, a friendly city interested in promoting economic development and social justice for all residents.

During visits to the municipalities of Progreso, Izamal, and Pisté in the Tinum district, Renán emphasized, “You can count on me to join efforts and strive for a better Yucatán. I will use all my talent to make things work out well, and above all, to maintain harmony, as that is crucial for a leader.”

To fulfill the invitations from all Yucatecan mayors, he scheduled an agenda across the state to share successful public policies implemented in Mérida that can be replicated in the municipalities.

At the first stop, hundreds of community leaders, fishermen, former mayors, and council members filled the Campestre Tres Potrillos social venue in Progreso to listen to Renán Barrera’s message. He called upon them, for the benefit of Yucatán, to prioritize collective interests above personal interests.

Prior to this meeting with community leaders, Renán Barrera visited the Municipal Palace, where he held a meeting with the mayor of Progreso, Julián Zacarías Curi.

Subsequently, at the invitation of the host mayor, Renán Barrera served as an honorary witness to the signing of an agreement for the Expo “Teabo el Corazón del Xokbil Chuuy en Progreso,” where artisans from that municipality have been showcasing their products since Friday.

Additionally, during another activity in the port city, he visited the “Más Pesca” packing facility and, accompanied by the company’s president, toured the premises and gained a close understanding of the processes involved in preparing seafood products.

He also held a meeting with the Board of Directors of the Canaco-Servytur of Progreso, chaired by Manuel Contreras Alcalá. During the meeting, they discussed the strengths and weaknesses experienced by the commercial and service sector in the municipality.

In the municipality of Izamal, more than 1,300 people gathered near the former Franciscan Convent. The mayor of Izamal, Warnel May Escobar, publicly expressed his support for Renán Barrera Concha and called on the people of Izamal to join the Mayor of Mérida’s project in view of the 2024 electoral process.

As a guest of Mayor May Escobar, the mayor of Mérida witnessed the distribution of benefits to 950 recipients of the programs “Vivienda Digna,” “Impulso Digital,” and “Izamal Emprende,” promoted by the local government. During the event, Barrera Concha reaffirmed his commitment to work in coordination with municipal authorities for the well-being of the population.

After the event in Izamal, Renán traveled to Pisté, a district of Tinum, where he was invited by Mayor Alicia Góngora Mejía to the inauguration of a market that will support artisans in the marketing of their products to local, national, and international tourists visiting Chichén Itzá.

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