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Renán Barrera promotes the well-being of Yucatecan families

by Sofia Navarro
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As part of the commitment to improve the living conditions of residents in the most vulnerable areas of the municipality, the Municipal Government led by Renán Barrera Concha is implementing actions to improve housing infrastructure and roadways that enhance the quality of life in the southern part of the city.

During a work tour of the Dzununcán neighborhood to oversee progress in housing initiatives and inaugurate the construction of roads, the Mayor stated that the municipal administration is working towards achieving zero backlog by providing basic services such as electricity, sanitation, housing, roadways, and potable water to the entire population.

Accompanied by the residents of the neighborhood and directors María José Cáceres Delgado (Social Development), Eira Pólito García (Citizen Services), David Loría Magdub (Public Works), and José Collado Soberanis (Municipal Public Services), the Mayor informed that the National Council for the Evaluation of Social Development Policy (Coneval) reported that Mérida was the only city in the country that experienced a 9% reduction in poverty between 2010 and 2020.

“Let’s remember that Mérida has nearly 600 neighborhoods with many needs that we have addressed, allowing us to work towards zero backlog. That’s why our actions reach even the most remote corners. It doesn’t matter if it’s a large or small community or in which cardinal direction a neighborhood is located; wherever there is a need, we are implementing the municipality’s social programs,” he said.

He added that until 2015, Mérida had a poverty rate of 9% in terms of housing quality and space deficiencies, according to the Technical Secretariat for Planning and Evaluation (Seplan). By 2020, this rate had dropped to 4.8%, meaning that we reduced this gap by 4.2% in just five years.

Dozens of residents welcomed the Mayor and expressed their satisfaction with the ongoing works, which took into account the real needs of the population.

“I am very happy for the support we are receiving because I live in a cardboard house, and this housing initiative will allow us to live much better. I thank Renán Barrera for attending to those of us who need it the most,” expressed Gabriela Martínez Carrillo.

María José Cáceres Delgado informed that there are 76 intervened houses in Dzununcán, and an additional 81 houses have been approved and are currently in the process, with an investment of 55,412,466.58 pesos from the Federal Fund.

David Loría Magdub explained that 4,760.78 square meters of road construction, 1,836.00 square meters of curbs and sidewalks, and 20 pieces of storm drainage systems will be implemented in the area.

Finally, these works are complemented by the previous completion of 3.6 kilometers of water supply network extension and 3.35 kilometers of electrical network extension.

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