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Police surveillance operation ready for the Summer vacation

by Sofia Navarro
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The official security operation for the summer vacation period will begin on July 10th, announced Carlos Arturo Romero Escalante, the director of the Municipal Police of Mérida. He stated that the entire police force will be participating in the operation.

“This is the time when we have more people walking around, especially in the city center. We reinforce our presence at terminals and establish specific points, such as Eulogio Rosado. In market areas, we have paramedics and personnel who can provide support with radios. Approximately 300 officers participate in the summer vacation operation,” stated the municipal official.

He also mentioned that patrols are intensified, and the work shifts of the officers are modified and extended to cover as much time and territory as possible. He emphasized that this operation continues until the official end of the vacation period.

He highlighted that the primary role of the officers is to provide guidance to vacationers, as there are few disturbances or risky situations.

“The types of crimes we see in the city center are low-impact and not very frequent. They are mostly disturbances involving intoxicated individuals who may injure themselves, and we have to intervene. But our officers are prepared,” he reiterated.

Regarding drug-related situations, he mentioned that they are infrequent since they conduct regular operations with dogs. It is not an overwhelming issue, and the individuals they have intercepted with drug possession usually have small quantities considered for personal use.

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