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New “Va y Ven” buses will arrive soon in the south of Mérida

by Sofia Navarro
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With the operation of 30 new and modern units, the “Va y ven” Public Transportation System will reach the south of Mérida. Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal announced the incorporation of the Poniente, Plazas, and Universities Circuit into the “Va y ven” Public Transportation System, which will begin operating on July 15th. The aim is to reduce waiting times and provide faster, more comfortable, and efficient transfers as part of the transformation that Yucatán is undergoing, offering a service that meets the expectations of the people of Yucatán.

From the Centenario del Ejército Mexicano Benito Juárez Park, Vila Dosal provided details about this circuit, which will be free for a week to support families’ economy during the trial period of the service, ensuring the best conditions. Additionally, for the first time, it will have a social fare, which means that more and more people in Yucatán will spend less on this service.

Regarding the transformation of public transportation that can be seen and felt in the state, the Governor mentioned that they have reached the highest number of credentials in the state’s history, almost doubling it, going from just over 59,000 to 106,821 credentials for students, senior citizens, and people with disabilities.

Accompanied by the Mayor of Mérida, Renán Barrera Concha, Vila Dosal indicated that transportation is becoming more accessible thanks to electronic payment. Now, users can save money with the discount system where the first trip is paid at the full fare, and during the next two hours, the user only pays half fare for the second trip. The third and fourth transfers are free of charge, explained the Governor.

Addressing the citizens, the Governor reaffirmed that “this commitment does not stop. On the contrary, we will not stop. Next month, in August, we will start with new routes, and the ‘Va y ven’ will reach Ciudad Caucel and Umán. We have already added 160 new buses to date, and the goal is to have 648 new public transportation units operating in the state by October next year.”

Finally, the Governor urged users to take care of the new units, not to vandalize or paint the “Va y ven” buses or ticket machines. He also reminded them that the State Congress has approved a new law to punish those who damage public transportation, which belongs to all the people of Yucatán, with penalties ranging from 6 months to 6 years of imprisonment and fines from 5,000 to 50,000 pesos.

Providing an update on the progress of the “Va y ven” system, Rafael Hernández Kotasek, the Director General of the Institute of Mobility and Urban Territorial Development (Imdut), stated that more than 400,000 trips are made on the “Va y ven” routes each week. The average age of the population using the service is 37 years, and 18.4% of users use these routes five or more times a week. The average waiting time is 15 minutes, and the main reason for using the service is commuting to work and studies.

The 30 new Mercedes-Benz units that will be put into operation are inclusive and environmentally friendly. They have ramps, bicycle racks, and electronic payment through a smart card, which can be purchased and recharged at any ATM or the nearest Oxxo store without a commission fee. Now, it is also available at Dunosusa stores.

These units are universally accessible, with low floors and tactile paving, wheelchair ramps, Braille signage, and both seats and designated spaces for people with disabilities, senior citizens, and short stature. They are also equipped with LED lighted signs indicating the route name, USB chargers, GPS equipment for tracking with the “Va y ven” application, security cameras, and electronic payment equipment that prevents the driver from being distracted, speeds up trips, and helps with financial planning.

The Poniente, Plazas, and Universities Circuit is added to the Periférico, Nocturnas, Aeropuerto, Circuito Metropolitano, Las Américas, and routes from the city center to Pensiones, Komchén, CRIT, and Francisco de Montejo, to improve mobility in the city with faster transfers and reduced waiting times.

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