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Muxes: Celebrating the third gender in Mexico

by Sofia Navarro
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In the culturally diverse landscape of Mexico, a vibrant and accepted community known as “muxes” challenges the traditional binary notion of gender. Muxes are individuals assigned male at birth who embrace a distinct gender identity that goes beyond the male and female categories. Embedded within the Zapotec culture of the Istmo de Tehuantepec region in Oaxaca, muxes have gained recognition and acceptance, serving as a testament to the rich diversity and inclusivity of Mexican society. Let’s explore the unique world of muxes and their significant cultural contributions.

The concept of muxes is deeply rooted in Zapotec indigenous traditions and beliefs, dating back centuries. Muxes identify as a distinct gender category that exists alongside male and female. They are considered a valuable and integral part of their community, rather than being marginalized or stigmatized. The acceptance of muxes reflects the cultural understanding that gender is a fluid spectrum rather than a rigid binary construct.

In the Zapotec community, muxes are celebrated and accepted for who they are. They play important roles in their families and communities, often serving as caregivers, contributing to household income, and participating in community events. Muxes are recognized for their unique talents, creativity, and contributions to traditional practices such as weaving, art, and dance. Their acceptance and inclusion highlight the cultural diversity and respect that characterizes Mexican society.

Cultural Significance and Tradition

Muxes have a long-standing presence in Zapotec culture, with historical records dating back to pre-Columbian times. They are often seen as a gift from the gods, possessing both male and female energy, and are believed to bring good fortune to their families. Traditional Zapotec customs, such as the “Vela de las Auténticas Intrepidas Buscadoras del Peligro” (Candlelight Vigil of the Authentic Fearless Danger Seekers), celebrate muxes, providing a space for them to showcase their unique talents, beauty, and identity.

Challenges and Progress

While muxes enjoy acceptance within their communities, they can still face challenges outside their cultural context. Discrimination and misunderstanding can occur when muxes interact with those who are less familiar with their cultural background. However, their increasing visibility and international recognition have helped raise awareness and promote acceptance of gender diversity in Mexico and beyond. Muxes are now becoming role models and advocates for LGBTQ+ rights, contributing to a more inclusive and tolerant society.

Changing Perceptions and Cultural Shifts

The visibility of muxes and the cultural acceptance they enjoy challenge traditional gender norms and pave the way for greater understanding and inclusivity. The acceptance of muxes as a distinct gender category provides an opportunity for society to question and transcend the limitations imposed by binary gender constructs. By recognizing and embracing muxes, Mexican society demonstrates its capacity for compassion, empathy, and respect for diversity.

A Global Example of Inclusivity

The presence of muxes in Mexican culture serves as a powerful example of acceptance and inclusivity. Their existence challenges societal norms and opens the door for broader conversations about gender identity, expression, and equality. The celebration of muxes encourages societies worldwide to move beyond rigid gender categories and embrace the diversity that enriches our human experience.

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