Mobility changes on the Chicxulub Puerto-Progreso road

Since Saturday, July 22nd, there have been changes to vehicular mobility on the road that goes from Chicxulub Puerto to Progreso and Mérida.

For this reason, the Public Security Secretariat (SSP) and the Progreso municipal authorities will conduct a traffic operation to ensure safety and smooth traffic flow in the area.

Vehicles traveling from Chicxulub to Mérida should continue straight at the roundabout on 62nd Street, ascend the bridge, and then turn right to descend and merge onto the Progreso-Mérida road.

Those going from Chicxulub to Progreso’s city center should take the side road at the roundabout on 62nd Street and continue until 74th Street, where they will make a right turn.

Authorities urge both local drivers and visitors to respect traffic signs and devices and adhere to speed limits.

TYT Newsroom