Chinese man sees his cell phone in the toilet for hours, and his intestine comes out

Most people have the habit of taking their cell phones to the bathroom and spending a lot of time looking at memes. However, after hearing about this case, you will think twice before doing it again, as this habit can harm your health.

In Guangdong city, China, a man sat on the toilet for a long time while attending to his needs. Due to health issues such as constipation, he decided to stay there for an even longer period. This incident was reported by the Chinese media, Kan Kan News.

Suddenly, the man felt something coming out of his body after being seated on the toilet for an extended time, and what he expelled were his intestines. Shocked and frightened, he immediately went to the hospital.

The doctors identified it as a rectal prolapse, which occurred because he spent a significant amount of time sitting on the toilet, and the force exerted caused his anus to detach.

Rectal prolapse is a condition that happens when the rectum weakens and protrudes through the anal opening.

Although the exact causes of this condition are not clear, it can be attributed to:

  1. Loose anal sphincter muscles
  2. Abnormally long colon
  3. Downward movement of the abdominal cavity between the rectum and the uterus
  4. Prolapse of the small intestine
  5. Constipation
  6. Diarrhea
  7. Chronic cough and sneezing

A prolapse can be partial or complete, meaning the inner lining of the rectum partially protrudes from the anus.

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