Julián Zacarías oversees street paving in the Flamboyanes district

Work continues in the Flamboyanes district, and this time, Mayor Julián Zacarías Curi, accompanied by the director of public works, Luis Castro, supervised the street paving activities.

Currently, the works on streets 10 by 33 and 37 are in the subbase stage, in which asphalt material is applied over a layer of crushed stone to serve as the pavement base. The purpose is to waterproof and promote adhesion between this layer and the asphalt pavement, which will be applied next week.

The street paving works are making steady progress in this district, aiming to provide high-quality public spaces for the residents of Flamboyanes. This will result in better road connections, prevention of waterlogging, and the reduction of disease spread during the rainy seasons.

These ongoing works complement the ones previously completed in the district, such as those on street 102 by 39 and the canal. It is expected that a total of 3,647 square meters will be paved, contributing to improved road safety as well.

TYT Newsroom