Johnny Depp was found unconscious in a hotel room in Budapest

World-renowned American actor Johnny Depp was discovered unconscious in a hotel room in Budapest, Hungary, during his tour with his hard rock band Hollywood Vampires. The 60-year-old Hollywood icon was swiftly taken to a nearby hospital.

Medical professionals assessed the filmmaker’s condition as severe, according to reports from the Hungarian edition of Blikk.

Due to his health condition, the band had to cancel the scheduled performance, despite being fully prepared to take the stage. Depp’s manager simply mentioned the celebrity’s poor health without providing further details. However, a member of Hollywood Vampires hinted that the actor might have consumed excessive alcohol, leading to his inability to perform and subsequent hospitalization.

“We had everything set up, the stage was ready, and the team was all set to perform. No one expected any issues, especially since the band had already done the sound check. All we were told was that Depp wasn’t feeling well; he couldn’t even leave the hotel. We also heard they called a doctor to check if there was anything more serious than alcohol involved,” one of the musicians shared with the press.

As a result of this incident, the band had to postpone their performance initially scheduled for July 18th, citing concerns about Johnny Depp’s health and safety. However, on July 22nd, Hollywood Vampires successfully performed in Poland, and the star of Pirates of the Caribbean, along with many other iconic films, appeared to be in good health.

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