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Chocantes Caves of Tekax, one of the most beautiful attractions of the magical town

by Sofia Navarro
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Tekax is one of the municipalities in Yucatan that has received the designation of “Pueblo Mágico” (Magical Town), being a municipality that hides great attractions not only above the ground but also below, such as the Chocantes Caves, a place you cannot miss visiting.

The crystal caves, as they are also known, are one of the main attractions of this municipality that you must visit when you are in Tekax.

Although this site is a favorite among adventure lovers, it receives very few visitors each year. However, after being designated as a Magical Town, it is expected that the number of visitors will increase, as there is currently an average of 500 visitors per month.

It is worth mentioning that this site has not only been visited by adventurers who seek to admire its interior but has also been the subject of research and documentation due to the formations made of calcium carbonate that resemble crystals. Stalactites and stalagmites have been seen, forming cascades that seem to emerge from the walls and reflect the light, creating a unique and marvelous environment.

Inside, you can see cascades of “crystals” on the walls and floors, giving the impression of snow.

It is located on the first surrounding hills of Tekax, in a place full of natural elevations.

To get there, you can go by vehicle and venture onto a dirt road. However, there will come a time when you will have to park your car and walk about 500 meters to reach the entrance area, which is characterized by a ceiba tree at the entrance.

It is important to note that to enter, you must be a true adventurer, as you descend about 50 meters: 10 meters with a metal ladder, 20 meters on steps made of old tires, and 20 meters on a wooden ladder.

While this section is a bit adventurous, the most important part is yet to come, as you will have to crawl on your knees and hands for about 200 meters to reach the first vault. There, you will not only find walls marked by crystalline water but also fossils of Mayan remnants.

This place covers an area of three kilometers, of which about 50 meters must be covered on all fours.

This place is full of mystery and wonders, but if you’re not that adventurous, you can also go hiking or visit the viewpoint located at 170 meters in height. Additionally, you can try rappelling in the Gruta del Toro, descending a distance of 150 meters.

If you dare to visit the Chocantes Caves of this magical town, you should know that it is open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., and the tour is accompanied by specialized personnel equipped with the necessary safety equipment to ensure the visitors’ safety.

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