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Champotón will host Marengo, the only green ammonia plant in Mexico

by Yucatan Times
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The State government promotes the development of Campeche in hydrocarbons, wind and solar energy: Semabicce

“The development of production technologies with the use of renewable energies marks a route towards the decarbonization of the planet to face climate change, we are promoting the development of Campeche, putting it in the eyes of the world and promoting its energy potential, not only in hydrocarbons, but in wind and solar energy,” said the head of the Ministry of the Environment, Biodiversity, Climate Change and Energy (Semabicce), Angélica Lara Pérez, in the framework of the construction of a green ammonia plant, Marengo I Project , to export to Germany mainly.

In a two-day tour this weekend, the German ambassador in Mexico, Wolfgang Dold, along with the German honorary consul for Campeche, Yucatan and Tabasco, Wolfgang Rudolf Kresse; Marco Hüls, director of the H2-Uppp Program of the German Cooperation Agency (GIZ); Cyril Dufau-Sansot, CEO of HY2GEN; and from Mexión Corporation (MEXCO), Ralph Wegner, managing partner, and Coello Herrera, regional manager; as well as advisors and work teams, visited the municipality of Champotón on the first day, where together with the head of Semabicce, Angélica Lara Pérez Ríos, and the General Directorate of Sustainable Energy met with the mayoress of Champotón, Claudeth Sarricolea, in the San Luis Carpizo Farm.

Subsequently, a visit was made to the site where the first green hydrogen-ammonia plant in Mexico will be installed, which has an area of ​​12,000 hectares and will invest 1.1 billion dollars for its construction.

On the second day, the signing of agreements between Semabicce – GIZ and Semabicce-HY2GEN – MEXCO were carried out, which are intended to strengthen the ties of collaboration, technical advice and the construction of the route to follow, which will be a innovative model to replicate in other countries, Campeche being a precursor worldwide.

This project involves the construction of a green ammonia production plant, from hydrogen, which is obtained through the electrolysis of water and does not generate any type of emissions into the atmosphere. The energy needed to move this plant will come from the installation of the second largest solar park in Mexico, with 63 wind turbines with a capacity of 415 MW, added to a solar park with a capacity of 208MW, making a total generation of 623 MW. which will be independent of the CFE network, making it self-sustaining.

Marengo I project marks a before and after, now Campeche will not only move Mexico, but the world, with the production of 170 thousand tons of green ammonia that will be exported to Germany for the fertilizer industry, an industry that is decarbonizing with these kinds of technologies.

With an extension of 12 thousand hectares, the Marengo I Project will be built in Champotón, between the Paraíso and Moquel communities, with the lease of the land, and where they will benefit from the creation of a thousand jobs during its construction and the desalination of 2 thousand m3 of water for agricultural and public use.

Currently, the only countries in Latin America that have projects already in operation are Costa Rica, Colombia, Brazil, Chile and Argentina, adding Campeche, with an estimated start of operations for 2027. 

After the signing of the agreements, Governor Sansores San Román led a working group with state government agencies and German guests, in order to present proposals for collaborative projects on health, environment, renewable energy, culture , economic development and education. The German Consulate in the region will give prompt follow-up and will be the conduit to present the cooperation with Campeche to the German government.

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