With a total of 1,891 kilograms of waste extracted from cenotes, the Ministry of Sustainable Development (SDS) provides its first progress report on cenote cleaning in the state of Yucatán. Sayda Melina Rodríguez Gómez, head of the department, confirmed that cleaning has already been carried out in seven municipalities.

She reported that, as of 2023, 11 cenotes have been cleaned, and it is expected that a total of 24 bodies of water will be cleaned in the state by the end of the year.

She explained that at the CBTA 87 cenote, located in Valladolid, 530 kilograms of waste were removed with the help of 80 volunteers. Meanwhile, in Yalcobá, 432 kilograms of trash were removed with the participation of 125 volunteers.

Environmental activist Sergio Grosjean Abimerhi emphasized that despite the restrictions imposed by the pandemic, cleaning work was carried out in nine cenotes in 2020, and the project has not stopped since then.

The cenotes where these cleaning efforts have taken place are located in the towns of Mayapán, Umán, Izamal, and Santa Elena.

According to SDS records, over 4 tons of garbage were removed from cenotes throughout the state in 2022, while the figure exceeded 5 tons in 2021. By the end of last year, 77 cenotes in 31 municipalities had been cleaned.

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