Home Headlines Accidents on Yucatán roads have claimed the lives of 155 people so far in 2023

Accidents on Yucatán roads have claimed the lives of 155 people so far in 2023

by Sofia Navarro
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During the first 190 days of this year, 155 people have died in different traffic accidents on the roads and highways of the state, out of which 82 are motorcyclists.

Regarding the overall picture for the year so far, there have been 82 deaths of motorcyclists, 17 deaths of passengers, 23 deaths of drivers, nine deaths of cyclists, and 24 deaths of pedestrians, making a total of 155 due to road incidents on different highways in the region.

In the last three days alone, four people have added to the list of fatalities in traffic accidents in the state, including three motorcyclists and one passenger.

In the first nine days of this seventh month, 14 people have died, which means more than one death per day, a worrying trend as the summer vacation period begins. The list includes 11 motorcyclists, two passengers, and one driver.

According to the representative of the National Accident Prevention Center in Yucatán, René Flores Ayora, the causes of these deaths include the recklessness of drunk drivers and a lack of inspection or police surveillance.

The specialist predicts, based on Big Data statistics, that if drivers continue to behave recklessly, 32 people will die in traffic incidents during this holiday season.

Among the most recent cases is the death of a motorcyclist yesterday after colliding with a curb at the intersection of Felipe Carrillo Puerto and Díaz Bolio avenues. On Saturday, a passenger in a Nissan van died on kilometer 225 of the Muna-Umán highway, on the Yaxcopoil-Xtepén stretch, where a Ford vehicle crashed into a concrete post and then into a dump truck.

The man was trapped among the wreckage of the vehicle, while the driver received medical attention and was taken to the hospital. On the same day, a motorcyclist died in the hospital shortly after being hit on the Cholul-Sitpach highway.

Previously, on Wednesday the 5th, a teacher lost his life in the hospital after colliding with another similar vehicle on the Chapab-Ticul highway while returning from teaching at an elementary school in Tekit.

Then, on Thursday the 6th, a motorcyclist lost his life after skidding on the Cansahcab-Temax road after leaving work at a gas station in Dzidzantún. On the same day, a man died after colliding with a tricycle in Homún.

According to Flores Ayora, the Mérida-Tetiz highway is the second deadliest in the state, with six deaths in that stretch so far this year. Only the Mérida Periférico has more fatalities with 11.

The breakdown of cases on the federal highway is as follows: two pedestrians, the same number of cyclists, and two drivers. This shows that pedestrians are the most vulnerable group on these dangerous circuits.

The 50 kilometers that make up the Mérida Periférico have seen the death of six pedestrians, accounting for 54.4 percent of the total 11 deaths. They are followed by two cyclists, as well as one driver, one motorcyclist, and one passenger.

According to the road auditor, 24 pedestrians have died as a result of preventable, avoidable traffic accidents that have a cause.

Regarding the Mérida-Tetiz highway, he mentioned that one of the points of high danger is that it has only one lane per direction, with speeds exceeding 95 kilometers per hour, and vehicles that travel at over 100 km/h, this road highly dangerous at that exact point. The recommendations are to keep your distance with other vehicles and never exceed the speed limit.

This danger is heightened by the continuous presence of heavy vehicles that use this road as the fastest access to the Hunucmá industrial park.

In addition to these situations, once again, the lack of road culture and the lack of caution among the average Yucatecan driver are evident. During a rush hour drive, it was noticeable how several drivers put themselves at risk by attempting dangerous overtaking maneuvers, especially when trying to beat double-trailer trucks.

However, the drivers of these trucks also did the same. Common sense and caution were not present in several maneuvers within a short period of time.

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