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Yucatan will provide free driver licenses to housewives, students, and unemployed individuals

by Sofia Navarro
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With the aim of addressing motorists who drive on the streets and roads of Yucatan without a driver’s license, using the excuse of being in an unfavorable economic situation, the Ministry of Public Security (SSP) will offer discounts of up to 100 percent to housewives, scholarship students, and unemployed individuals during 2023.

This was announced through Decree 630/2023, published in the Official State Gazette, which partially or fully exempts the payment of fees for issuing licenses and vehicle permits in the state.

The decree considers various laws, regulations, and the Yucatan Fiscal Code, which empower the state agency as the sole authority to issue licenses and permits, with the option of a single payment, installments, deferred payment, or partial payment.

It also states that in the state, “there is a considerable number of people who, due to lacking the necessary resources, have been unable to obtain a permit or driver’s license, and therefore, it has been determined to provide facilities to taxpayers so that they can fulfill this legal obligation.”

The document exempts the total payment of fees for issuing two-year licenses to housewives who do not receive a fixed economic remuneration for their work and who lack another source of income.

Likewise, the document will be issued free of charge to students attending public or private schools who have been granted a scholarship by an official institution, as well as to unemployed individuals residing in Yucatan who require a driver’s license or permit to be able to engage in paid work.

The decree also exempts 50 percent of the cost of these official documents for individuals who can prove they are active workers, whether salaried or non-salaried, retired, or pensioners, and who receive, on average per day, up to four and a half times the current general minimum wage in the state.

Individuals interested in accessing the benefits established in the decree must submit to the SSP a series of certificates and proof of earnings or income, which should not be older than one month from the date of issuance.

Housewives must present a certificate attesting to their occupation, issued by the Management and Orientation Unit of the Governor’s Office or by the Integral Family Development System in Yucatan.

Students must present a valid enrollment certificate issued by the school’s administration and a document proving their eligibility for a scholarship.

Unemployed individuals must show a certificate issued by the Yucatan National Employment Service, attesting to their unemployed status, as well as a written statement signed by the hiring individual or entity stating the need for the applicant to have a driver’s license.

Salaried workers require a certificate of registration with the social security system to which they belong and the latest payslip or, if applicable, an income certificate issued by the respective employer.

Non-salaried workers must present a certificate issued by the legally constituted trade union or cooperative to which they belong, providing detailed information about the work they perform and their average income.

Retirees and pensioners should bring the document proving their status and the latest payment receipt for their retirement or pension.

Decree 630/2023 came into effect on Monday, June 5, when it was published in the Official Gazette, and will be valid until December 31, 2023.

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