Home Headlines Yucatan notaries accused of endorsing the dispossession of 179 hectares of land in Tulum, Quintana Roo

Yucatan notaries accused of endorsing the dispossession of 179 hectares of land in Tulum, Quintana Roo

by Magali Alvarez
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Paulina Malpica, sixth Councilwoman and President of the Urban Development and Ecology Commission, is also involved in the dispossession of a 179 hectare property in Tulum, as she is the wife of Alain Jiménez Santos, one of those who acquired part of the property.

The land is located in the community of Francisco Uh May and was subdivided for sale with the possible complicity of notaries of Yucatan and officials of the municipality of Tulum, including the Municipal President, Diego Castañón Trejo, and the Director of Urban Development of the Tulum Municipality, Lorenzo Miranda Miranda.

The aggrieved party, Cayetano Nieto Colín, the original owner, left the city of Tulum after receiving several threats.

Javier Tun Jiménez, lawyer for the affected party, stated that the dispossession was carried out using a notary public’s certificate from a dead notary public and from another notary public who was no longer in office.

He accused Martín Atonay Sosa Cardeño and Julián Cetina Burgos of orchestrating the dispossession, endorsed by notaries from the State of Yucatán.

However, Tulum authorities also participated in the subdivision of the lot, through the Cadastre, where Rubén Raziel Ek Cruz is the owner.

Edgardo Díaz Aguilar, Treasurer during the administration of Víctor Mas Tah and now advisor to Diego Castañón, is also part of the dispossession.

Tun Jiménez informed that now, as the investigations continue, the name of Alain Jiménez Santos, one of the purchasers of the subdivided property, who was offered 6 pesos per square meter, when the value is approximately 1,000 pesos, has come to light.

“We are already touching big things and there is a lot of interest, what they did is shameless. They depreciated the property to 6 pesos per square meter, 60 thousand pesos per hectare. This can happen to anyone, especially if you have a property in Tulum,” accused the litigant.

So far, six officials of the Municipality of Tulum have been accused of being involved, including the Municipal President himself, Diego Castañón, who was the Treasurer at the time of the subdivision.

Due to the above, the owner will proceed by legal means, to hold accountable the public servants, who are dispossessing land and encouraging irregular settlements.

“There are crimes that can be committed for promoting irregular settlements; it is typified in the law. Those who encourage irregular subdivisions of land have to be sanctioned. In this case, there was no state urban compatibility,” concluded the lawyer.

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