Yucatan could become “a new border” with the U.S.: Mauricio Vila

Photo: MNoticias

At the National Palace, Mauricio Vila, governor of Yucatán, pointed out that Yucatán has the capacity to become a new border between Mexico and the United States to export Mexican products.

“With this infrastructure of thermoelectric plants, natural gas, the Mayan Train, the port and the airport, Yucatan and the Yucatan Peninsula have the great opportunity to become a new border with the United States to be able to export products to the East Coast,” he commented.

During President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s press conference, he said that Mexico could take advantage to export through Yucatán and increase the percentage of goods that are taken to the United States, and specifically to the East Coast.

“To the West Coast, Mexican products represent 18% of what is consumed, but on the East Coast only 6.5%. So we have a great opportunity,” he said.

He pointed out that with the infrastructure projects being carried out in Yucatan, we have the same conditions that the Bajio and the north of the country have, “and that great opportunity to develop the Yucatan Peninsula and the Southeast, taking advantage of the fact that we are underrepresented in exports to the United States.”

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