Yucatán beaches filled with sargassum ahead of the holidays

For the second time, some beaches in Yucatán are experiencing an influx of sargassum, which concerns residents as the summer vacation season approaches.

Earlier this month, visits to the port of Chabihau were affected by the excessive presence of the seaweed, although in smaller quantities.

Following last week’s rains, the presence of the seaweed has been reported, with beaches in the city center and outskirts being filled with sargassum. However, accumulation is more noticeable during the nights.

It is worth mentioning the surprising amount of sargassum on the beach, as it covers up to five meters of land and reaches into the water.

In addition to the arrival of sargassum, there has been an increase in dead animals found on the shoreline, which were presumably trapped in the seaweed and drowned.

As mentioned before, this situation worries the local residents, as they fear it may impact the arrival of visitors.

TYT Newsroom