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UFOs in Yucatán: The Yucatecan man who allegedly made contact with Extraterrestrials

by Sofia Navarro
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The UFO phenomenon is nothing strange in Yucatán, a place where sightings of these unidentified flying objects have been reported for over 30 years, and behind each of these experiences, there is a story to be heard.

Such is the case of Vicente Martín Güemez, a Yucatecan farmer from Nolo, who, according to the testimonies of his children, had contact with extraterrestrials and was labeled as crazy by everyone else.

The story goes that Mr. Vicente claimed that a spacecraft would hover about 50 meters above the courtyard of the farmhouse where he lived, illuminating the area with a strong light. Three beings would appear and communicate with the farmer telepathically. They measured over 2 meters in height and were called Bolom Xiu, Rabit, and Gunabel.

These beings from the Pleiades constellation told Vicente that he was one of the chosen ones and even gave him some stones that, when rubbed, would call them or make them come. According to what this farmer recounted, the knowledge these beings had about medicinal plants was extraordinary, as they could cure diseases like cancer or any other incurable ailment.

Mr. Vicente, replicated the Chichén Itzá pyramid on a miniature scale, atop a cistern. It has the exact calculations to generate the descent of Kukulcán every March 21st, as well as lunar archaeo-astronomic the pyramid that are not visible in the Chichén Itzá archaeological site since it closes its doors at night.

An Argentinean visitor arrived in the community and decided to visit Don Vicente’s pyramid, which caused a surprise when he saw that the same phenomenon that occurred at Chichén Itzá was happening in Nolo. He was able to corroborate it since one of his friends was present at the archaeological site at that moment.

The Argentinians claimed they offered money to Don Vicente to build an identical replica in their country, but he refused, saying that it belonged to Mexico.

Don Vicente did not travel to other countries, but prominent peculiar characters such as Tibetan Lamas, foreign researchers on Maya culture, and Herbalist experts.

Don Vicente’s son, Don Gabriel, his brothers, sisters, and the rest of the family are still living in the area of Nolo.

The miniature replica of the pyramid is still there and many people gather at Nolo every March 21st. The Yucatan Times took a picture of this pyramid ten years back in 2013:

Photo: Alejandro Azcarate

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