Tourists collide with a cow on the Kinchil-Celestún road 

Photo: YAI

Tourists traveling aboard a Chevrolet vehicle, hit a cow that was crossing the road at the Kinchil-Celestún highway, on Wednesday, May 31st.

The passengers of the compact Aveo were on their way to Merida, when one kilometer from reaching the Chunchucmil crossroads, where the SSP checkpoint is located, a huge head of cattle suddenly emerged from the bushes and ended up denting the door and breaking the window on the passenger side.

After the sharp blow of the cow’s horn, those who were traveling on the right side requested police state agents for an ambulance.

A while later, the Yuc-010 unit of the Red Cross arrived, whose paramedics assessed the crew members, of whom only one woman presented a nervous breakdown, but she did not have to be transferred to a hospital.

Finally, the driver of the wrecked car contacted the insurance company. And the cow just walked away as if nothing had happened.

TYT Newsroom